Ludlow Pain Clinic

Advanced Clinical Massage and Sports Massage for the treatment of chronic pain conditions and injury.

Advanced clinical massage is a method of massage that integrates a range of advanced techniques taken from many different modalities to treat the soft tissues of the body - muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Treatments are focussed to achieve a specific outcome - to get you out of pain or reduce it significantly enough to improve your quality of life, increase range of motion and improve posture.

Many of the techniques used in clinical massage are the same as those used in sports massage, adapted for use on the general public as opposed to an athlete or sports person. This way the source of the pain is addressed slowly and sensitively working with you, the client, who is always in control.

There is also an emphasis on self-care - self treatment, exercises, relaxation techniques and possible lifestyle changes - to ensure you are fully involved and in control of your own recovery.

Prices: New Client (90 min) £60 · Follow-up (60 min) £45 · Follow-up (90 min) £60




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